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The Photo Co 

Meet The Team!

With around 30 years of combined experience, The Photo Co. are the best and only choice for your event.
Owned and ran by Kayte, Paul and Ollie, you are guaranteed a first class service every single time.

Paul is the guy hidden away in the office making sure the prints get processed and placed efficiently into your customers hands. He has helped develop software and photo handling systems making things faster and more reliable over the past few years. He is also a fan of pizza with pineapple, can juggle with only one ball and his favourite colour is beach sand yellow .

Kayte and Ollie are the photographers and the ones out on the floor - competing to see who has the best music playlist in their studio.

Ollie is an exceptional wedding and events photographer and continues to exceed his clients expectations year on year. He also loves his dog, Jensen, more than life itself and is constantly on the hunt to find a burger as big as his own head .

Kayte has been photographing conventions for 7 years and is always looking for new ways to improve the studios in accordance with the attendees wishes. She heads up the social media pages and can often be seen dressed as an elf or Wonder Woman.
If you want a photography company that is the most connected with your customers, that is fun, professional, reliable and experienced - then The Photo Co. is your only choice. 
You will be thrilled to have them join your convention family.