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The Photo Co 

Here's what people say about us.....

Here is what people say about our great service....

I have known the The Photo Co. for years and always found them beyond professional. From being an attendee to being infront of the camera to an organiser behind it, I know that they go above and beyond to make sure the quality of their photos are some of the best in the business and that those they interact with are at ease and enjoying themselves. They were my first and only choice for a photography company at our debut event due to their amazing body of work all around the globe and how professional they are. I can not recommend them enough. 

Emma Preston.


It’s that heart in the mouth moment; the childhood hero you’ve waited all your life to meet is finally stood smiling at your side, and now you have to put all your faith in a photographer you’ve never met to snap the perfect picture.
As a Comic Con host of almost a decade, it’s a situation I recognise only too well. I’ve been fortunate enough to interview many of my own heroes, some of them no longer with us, and relied on Kayte and the team to not only take a photograph, but to actually capture the moment. 
The click of the shutter takes less than a second, but the memory contained within a great photograph can last a lifetime. In all the years I have hosted Comic Con, one team of photographers has stood head and shoulders above the rest for me; The Photo Co.
Their ability to immortalise fans alongside their heroes is second to none. Their friendly professional nature under the immense pressure of photographing thousands of excited fans each day is commendable. The fact that they are able to keep delivering this service day after day, year after year is extraordinary. 
A snapshot in time can never be repeated, that’s why I put my full trust in The Photo Co.
They are quite simply the best at what they do.

Dr Rhys Jones

Eleven years, five countries, and nearly one hundred and fifty Comic Cons in, “The Photo Co” are, without a doubt, the best in the business. In my humble opinion, their quality is unrivalled, their professionalism unmatched, and their attention-to-detail without peer. Even as someone paler than the average human – a “gift” of my Irish heritage – the white backdrop works for me. It makes everything else within the photo pop. “The Photo Co” team have taken photos of me almost a hundred times with various guests and pound-for-pound I am happier with the results from “The Photo Co” team than I have ever been elsewhere. Another thing I love and appreciate about them is that they are willing to take feedback on board, process it, and do everything in their power to give the attendees an even better experience the next time around – from polling attendees on a potential different background colour to overhauling their website so that multiple digital copies can be purchased in the same basket, to buying a larger backdrop, to working with “Wales Comic Con” to overhaul the printing system, there’s no denying that “The Photo Co” are the most engaging photography team in the Comic Con world.

Shane “Shangel” King, “Shangel’s Reviews”